Bundesliga, first European soccer league to reach fans via Clubhouse

The influx of American young players to the Bundesliga in recent years has caught the attention of the U.S. soccer landscape, and Jürgen Klinsmann has praised the relationship between German clubs and American soccer. 

“From the mentality and cultural point of view there are a lot of similarities between the American aspect of how to look at the game and the German approach”, said Klinsmann Thursday afternoon in a conversation with Bundesliga announcer Derek Rae and more than 70 users of the growing social media app Clubhouse, with support from the Bundesliga. 

Bundesliga reaches fans via Clubhouse

“You know, the Americans like to take risks, to attack and go forward, so from a footballing style we’re kind of similar and that’s what the Bundesliga clubs have realized over the past couple of years”.

As someone who has been on the developing end for both nations, Klinsmann managed the German and the U.S. Men’s National Teams, his remarks are always worth listening in regard to the American-German connection.

“The Bundesliga is known throughout the years to give young players a chance to play. It’s also something that goes against the American tradition because people here expect you to go to college first for four years and then become a rookie, and in all of this time, you never get to be on the field. Obviously, that doesn’t happen in Europe or South America, so when you join the senior team at the age of 18 you have to have proven already your worth”.

Klinsmann has been living in the United States for more than a decade after managing Germany and FC Bayern München and has seen up close the development of the American players going to Europe.

“The foundation of the US Men’s National Team can be formed within the next few years with these players that are playing in already established leagues. If you have a player like Tyler Adams in RB Leipzig, Giovani Reyna in Dortmund, or Serginho Dest in Barcelona and Weston McKennie in Juventus, we’re talking about Champions League teams, that’s the crème de la crème, it’s something very special and it should make people here in the United States very proud”.

Many Bundesliga clubs have recently established affiliations in the United States and with MLS clubs to develop players from their academies, with the aim to later go to Europe.

“That’s really wonderful to see the German clubs come to the United States and build relationships. They’re coming to see the youth tournaments and focus on developing the players, because there is a long-term strategy from most of the Bundesliga clubs”, added Klinsmann. “There is a huge advantage for the Bundesliga right now, because you can showcase a few examples already of young players coming to Germany rather than England, for example. You look at Matthew Hoppe, who has moved extremely fast through the Schalke ranks to already making an impact on the first team.”

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