Carlos Vives y “La Gota Fría”, la canción que le abrió las puertas al pop colombiano

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La historia de hoy en Uncovering the Cover se originó gracias a la rivalidad entre dos músicos del folclor colombiano por Read more

Taylor’s Version and how Swift is reshaping the music industry one re-recording at a time

his is the story about the fight for fair compensation and creative freedom. Taylor Swift recently released the re-recording of her 2008 best-selling album Fearless, in an attempt to have control over her own music, after a long and exhausting battle with former music label, Big Machine Records and entrepreneur Scooter Braun. Read more

How Daft Punk changed the world | Podcast

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It’s already been a month since Daft Punk split up. The most famous French duo since the Lumière brothers decided to call it quits to their almost thirty Read more

La historia detrás de la canción “El Último Beso”

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Este episodio fue publicado originalmente en inglés en febrero de 2020. Esta es la versión en español de la historia Read more

La historia detrás de la “Maldita Primavera” y cómo esta canción revivió a la música italiana

¡Bienvenidos a Uncovering the Cover, EN ESPAÑOL! Este es nuestro primer episodio en tu idioma, y junto a “Start Spreading the News” (en inglés), lanzamos oficialmente nuestra segunda temporada.

Pensemos en esto por un momento… ha llegado el día Read more

How “New York, New York” became Frank Sinatra’s most beloved hit

Welcome to Season 2! Today we’re throwing it back to kick off this new season of Uncovering the Cover.

What’s the first thing you think of when you hear the words “New York”? The Statue of Liberty, the Empire Read more

Knocking On Heaven’s Door, when Bob Dylan changed movie soundtracks forever and Guns N’ Roses powered Freddie Mercury’s tribute

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Today marks our ninth month making this podcast, this is our 16th episode and it will be the last one of Read more

The story behind “Torn”, Natalie Imbruglia’s one-hit wonder in the late ’90s

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In 1997, music was a mix of everything and anything coming together.

Several music genres were thrown into a melting pot Read more

“Twist and Shout”, The Beatles and their surprising connection to Cuban Mambo and Latin jazz

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Fifty seven years ago, one of the most danceable tunes in rock n roll made us “shake it up baby, now…”

Read more

Why Is Sweden So Good At Pop Music? | Uncovering the Cover podcast

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This episode goes back the last three decades to examine how Sweden became the most important country in pop music composition Read more