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It’s already been a month since Daft Punk split up. The most famous French duo since the Lumière brothers decided to call it quits to their almost thirty years of music career.

They have become the most influential dance & electronic music artists in the past three decades, the precursors of French house and EDM and one the most lovable pop acts since the 1990s.

But, they actually started as a punk rock band – together with a current member of the alternative band Phoenix – and it’s actually thanks to a review by a British magazine that we have the name of this electronic music duo, which dominated electronic music for three decades until their separation in February 2021.

They started wearing black bags and Halloween masks on their heads and ended their career wearing futuristic and robotic helmets that created a unique image which extrapolated their presence within the music industry.

From Kanye West to The Strokes, from LCD Soundsystem to Pentatonix, there hasn’t been a music genre that Daft Punk hasn’t touched, and in the meantime they developed a sound so big, that every time it became “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger”.

Welcome to Uncovering the Cover. The podcast where we tell the story of the songs that have captured our imagination… throughout several generations. I’m your host, Diego Pinzón.

Today, we’re going taking a look at the career of the most influential French duo since the Lumière brothers, a duo which defined a new era of pop music and created a wave of electronic sounds that are still present today. This is Uncovering the Cover: how Daft Punk changed the world!

This is a very special episode because not only we’re talking about one of the most outstanding artists we’ve listened to in the past few years, but we’re going to remember why they made electronic, house, and disco music so popular once again.

Even though, this is a podcast about cover songs, and Daft Punk never really covered a song, but made music of their own, today we’re taking a look at the career of the group through the samples that made the French duo international superstars. Sampling is a technique used in the music industry which consists in the reuse of a portion of a sound recording in another recording, which was actually invented in France as well back in the 1940s.

Back in July 2020 we did a full episode on this technique titled “Sampling music: From The Beatles to the 80s hip-hop scene, to “Old Town Road”, where we explained the history of music samples in some of the most famous songs during the past 80 years that have used sampling, and how much they have influenced music since then. We explored almost every music genre, talking about samples used by Biggie, Vanilla Ice, MC Hammer, The Sugarhill Gang, Shakira, J Lo, Rihanna, Lady Gaga and even Metallica. If you haven’t listened to that episode I recommend you go to the link in the  description of this episode to find out more about the history of sampling.

This episode marks almost one month since Daft Punk announced they were splitting up, a tragic moment for so many fans and musicians who have been inspired by the group ever since they became active in 1993.


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