It’s been 39 years since we lost Bob Marley, Uncovering the Cover goes deep on “I Shot The Sheriff”

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There have been many artists that have defined a generation, some that have defined a music genre, a few that have changed music history BUT how many have changed HISTORY overall? Perhaps, just a few and Bob Marley is definitely one of them.

Today, May 11, marks the 39th anniversary of the passing of this legend and symbol of resistance, a star that still shines bright today.

On this episode of Uncovering the Cover, we focus on the song that put reggae on the spotlight and made it mainstream helping spread the message of Marley and bringing Jamaica closer to each one of our generations.

Eric Clapton got his only number single in the U.S. (still today) with “I Shot The Sheriff”, covering a song by Bob Marley & The Wailers back in 1974, and by doing so, the rock god helped popularize reggae music… or at least put it on the spotlight of pop culture.

For this episode, we dive deep into the importance of Marley in history, politics, music, and pop culture. We also touch on the importance Clapton had in popularizing reggae perhaps without even wanting to… although, as Jamaican author and professor Carolyn Cooper puts it best, “Clapton simply felt the vibes and joined the party”.

A party that still today is a symbol of happiness and love, One Love. Also, Marley continues to be a symbol of peace and resistance against political oppression and social injustice. Every time there’s a social movement, his songs are played. “Get Up, Stand Up” was the marching song of Chinese students during the Tiannanmen Square protests, it was Marley’s music that inspired the independence of Zimbabwe in 1980 and when the Berlin Wall came down, Germans were singing to the tune of Marley’s “Three Little Birds”.

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