Knocking On Heaven’s Door, when Bob Dylan changed movie soundtracks forever and Guns N’ Roses powered Freddie Mercury’s tribute

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Today marks our ninth month making this podcast, this is our 16th episode and it will be the last one of Season 1. Don’t worry, we’re coming back in 2021 with more Uncovering the Cover. We want to take some time off during the last months of the year, so that we can all get together with the ones we love the most and spend some quality time. In the meantime, this podcast will have a few surprises for you as well. But, this will be our last full episode of Season 1. If you’re new to this podcast, there are another 15 episodes for you to binge listen! So, go and check them out! Remember, we’re coming back next year stronger than ever… so, follow us on Instagram @uncoveringthecover to stay up to date on all the news. 

We want to close our first season with a bang! A hit! A knock! And particularly a knock on heaven’s door!

This is a song that many believe invokes a cry to God, a pursuit for life after death, or the miraculous anticipation of going to a better place after you die… But, you’d be surprised that it’s much more simple than that. In fact, this song has nothing to do with religion, but quite the opposite.

This is a story about villains, cowboys, murder, suffering, the old west, movies and rock n roll. A song which was inspired by a sheriff who’s crying out and begging his wife – and not his mama – to put an end to his suffering, and it’s the subject of so many covers, of which perhaps the one from the Guns N Roses is the most popular in recent decades.

But if it wasn’t for Billy the Kid, the famous outlaw who in the Wild West, murdered eight men in 1881 before being shot and killed at the age of 21, this song might have never even existed. 

So, what does a rock band who first played this song during their concerts in 1987, like Guns N Roses have to do with Billy the Kid, who lived more than a century before them? Or how about the Guitar God, Eric Clapton, who also covered this song, with a more reggae vibe decades before Axl Rose and friends? Well, we’re about to find out how they all relate to each other.

In fact the song has also been included in more than 30 movies and TV shows. Precisely, the first film to ever feature the song was Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid, a movie from 1973, one of the most classic and iconic Western films which has been named one of the 500 Greatest Movies of All Time.

Welcome to Uncovering the Cover, the podcast where we tell the stories of the songs that have captured our imagination… throughout several generations. I’m your host Diego Pinzón… and today, we’re uncovering a song that was originally composed by one of the most iconic songwriters in history, someone who has even won the Nobel Prize in Literature.

This is Uncovering the Cover: Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door, how Bob Dylan changed movie soundtracks forever.

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