Platzi launches Sports Marketing course with Diego Pinzón

Diego Pinzón has joined Platzi, the leading online education platform in Latin America, as a teacher for the Sports Marketing course, the first-ever of its kind in the platform.

Platzi traditionally has been the home for learning all the necessary skills to become a coder, a developer and a technology driven professional, and has recently expanding its course offering with the Escuela de Marketing (Marketing School). As part of this expansion, they have decided to look beyond traditional marketing and are looking to grow their student base by offering courses in more specific areas, such as Sports Marketing.

The Sports Marketing course has been designed and developed with people who want to get into the Sports Industry in mind first (students that are passionate about or want to learn more about sports), and second it’s for those who are passionate about marketing and technology, but it is not exclusive to marketers or developers. The course also paints an introductory picture into the Sports Industry and how it has influenced, through Marketing, in our society, giving you an idea of the different skills needed to work in this industry.

Keep in mind that it doesn’t matter which career path you have chosen, whether you’re a developer, an engineer, a coder, a lawyer, or an architect, there’s always room for you within the Sports Industry. Someone needs to build the apps where a sports organization streams their live games, someone needs to design and implement an algorithm
or a dashboard which would help a sport organization visualize how its marketing campaigns are performing, and someone needs to design and build stadiums with technology as their most important asset.

You can take the course at (Coming August 24, 2021)

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