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This episode is an invitation to smile and is dedicated to all of those fighting in the frontlines against the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s also dedicated to you, dear listener. Perhaps, you’re going through a very difficult time during this coronavirus pandemic, but chances are, if we make it out of this one, we will all be smiling more than ever, grateful for being able to simply… smile!

That’s what today’s episode is about. We’re Uncovering the Covers of a song that has a simple title, that originally had no lyrics and was purely instrumental, a song that, as we just heard with Joker, has been featured in many films and TV shows. In fact, that original instrumental version of “Smile” was written for a silent movie that was a response the Great Depression. The song with lyrics was made famous first by Nat King Cole, and has been performed by multi platinum artists from Diana Ross, to Tony Bennett, to Michael Jackson, and very recently by Lady Gaga. Last week, Lady Gaga opened the televised segment of the One World: Together At Home streamed concert, and it’s quickly becoming the anthem of the initiative that looks to support frontline healthcare workers and the World Health Organization, in their efforts to fight against COVID-19.

Welcome to Uncovering the Cover, the podcast where we tell the stories of the songs that have captured our imagination… throughout several generations. Your host Diego Pinzón takes you this week on a magical ride through music and movie history.

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To read the full transcript of the episode, please click here. ENJOY!

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