La historia detrás de la “Maldita Primavera” y cómo esta canción revivió a la música italiana

¡Bienvenidos a Uncovering the Cover, EN ESPAÑOL! Este es nuestro primer episodio en tu idioma, y junto a “Start Spreading the News” (en inglés), lanzamos oficialmente nuestra segunda temporada.

Pensemos en esto por un momento… ha llegado el día Read more

How “New York, New York” became Frank Sinatra’s most beloved hit

Welcome to Season 2! Today we’re throwing it back to kick off this new season of Uncovering the Cover.

What’s the first thing you think of when you hear the words “New York”? The Statue of Liberty, the Empire Read more

The story behind “Torn”, Natalie Imbruglia’s one-hit wonder in the late ’90s

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In 1997, music was a mix of everything and anything coming together.

Several music genres were thrown into a melting pot Read more

TikTok, the New World Order in the Music Industry

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If you’re on TikTok you’ve definitely heard ALL the songs we’re talking about on today’s episode. From “Savage”, to “Roxanne”, “Old Read more

How Madonna has shaped history – Uncovering the Cover podcast

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This episode of Uncovering the Cover we examine the music of Madonna using “Papa Don’t Preach” as the starting point, but Read more

American Woman, the enigmatic anti-war protest song

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Most people think “American Woman” was written originally by Lenny Kravitz, but the original version of this song is from a Read more

How did Whiskey In The Jar, an Irish folk song from the 17th century, gave Metallica a Grammy Award in 2000?

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Rock has traditionally looked into folk music for inspiration… From the early adaptations of black musical genres by rock and roll Read more

Tribute to Alan Merrill, songwriter of ‘I Love Rock N Roll’ – Uncovering the Cover podcast

Today, we’re paying tribute to Alan Merrill, one of the artists who have died after contracting the coronavirus COVID-19, someone who devoted almost all of his 69 years in this world to make us fall in love with rock Read more

Last Kiss, Uncovering the Cover podcast

For this first episode of Uncovering the Cover, we’ll dive into the story of “Last Kiss”, composed and originally recorded by Wayne Cochran, but made famous by J Frank Wilson & the Cavaliers in the 1960s and Read more