TikTok, the New World Order in the Music Industry

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If you’re on TikTok you’ve definitely heard ALL the songs we’re talking about on today’s episode. From “Savage”, to “Roxanne”, “Old Town Road”, “Toosie Slide”, “Say So”, “ily (I love you baby)” and “Memories”. But, if you’re not on the social media app, TikTok has completely changed the music industry, or at least, the way music is being promoted and/or made viral. From Drake to Beyoncé, every major artist today understands the importance of TikTok when releasing a song, or even WAY BEFORE the song is actually released, and more importantly TikTok has allowed unknown or up and coming musicians the opportunity to become mainstream.

Join us on this magical ride was we explore how the music industry is changing right at our fingertips, and 15 seconds at a time. This is Uncovering  the Cover: TikTok, a New World Order in Music.

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