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I’m very happy to announce the launch of Uncovering the Cover, the podcast for music fans! It’s a pretty cool personal project I’ve been working on for the past few weeks and I’m so thrilled to officially launch it.

Do you like music? How many times have you asked yourself about the origin of your favorite song? We all have that song that reminds us of our childhood and songs that bring us memories from the past… and the present. That’s why I want to welcome you to Uncovering the Cover, the podcast for music fans, it doesn’t matter what kind of music you’re jamming to.

Uncovering the Cover is the podcast where we talk about the stories behind the songs that have captured our imagination… throughout several generations. This is how it works… I take a song and I peel it like an onion… [hence, the hashtag #PeelItLikeAnOnion] going deep into each layer I’ll be discovering the story that made that song resonate and stay with you forever.

Together with sports, music is one of my biggest passions and I’ve always been fascinated about the stories behind the songs I listen to and enjoy the most.

This podcast is all about covers, the stories behind those songs and the artists that have featured them throughout different ties in history. Hope all of you enjoy it as much as I do producing it and I hope you make Uncovering the Cover, one of your bi-weekly listens.

Uncovering the Cover, every other week… on your favorite platform.

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