Walk This Way, Uncovering the Cover

More than 45 years ago, Aerosmith taught us how to walk with this song, and while doing so, they grew into an icon who learned how to rock popular music. A song that 10 years later showed us the way to put rap music on the map. Precisely, it was 45 years ago, when this song reinforced Aerosmith’s status as one of America’s Greatest Rock And Roll Bands, and later also resuscitated the band’s career after a decade of downfall. It is the song that would eventually bless the marriage between hip-hop and rock music.

Today we’re uncovering one of the most successful covers in music history, a song that was so powerful it was a success in both its original and its covered version. We will take a look at how Aerosmith created this song, and why Run-DMC didn’t want to record it in the first place. We’ll also dive deep into how influential Run-DMC has been, not only for hip-hop but for popular music in general.

Today we will peel the layers of a song that helped skyrocket two completely different music artists making them legendary. We will take a dive into why Frankenstein created a bigger monster than the one from the English novel, a monster that merged and put at the same level a Reverend and the pure incarnation of drugs, sex & rock n roll.

This is Uncovering the Cover: Walk This Way. Uncovering the Cover is the podcast for music fans, where we tell the stories of the songs that have captured our imagination… throughout several generations.

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To read the full transcript of the episode, please click here. ENJOY!

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